Timothy Shieff

Timothy Shieff

I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been and most importantly, no animals are harmed. Since going vegan I can train longer and harder and even noticed my body heals a lot quicker. I used to have tendonitis which has completely cleared up!

Chris Smalling

I’ve gone fully vegan and normally the start of pre-season can be quite a tough time because you’re loading and that’s normally when it’s at its worst but I haven’t felt it at all

Georges Laraque

After I saw how badly animals were treated to end up on our plates, how bad [eating them] was for our health and for the environment, I decided to stop this nonsense and educate others. After all animals can’t talk and they need people to be their voices.

Fabian Delph

I decided to ignore my doubts and began to look at my body objectively, as if it were detached from me, I studied its weak parts, researched my injuries, began to strengthen my body and moved from rehab into pre-hab. I changed the fuel I put into my body and switched to a vegan diet.

Jon Venus

Jon Venus

I hated the idea of veganism, I laughed and criticised it until I decided to disconnect from what I have been taught and examine the world from a neutral perspective with an open mind. We all have common sense but many people share this hatred through ignorance like I used to.

Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter

I feel stronger than I’ve ever been, mentally, physically, and emotionally. My plant-based diet has opened up more doors to being an athlete. It’s a whole other level that I’m elevating to. I stopped eating animals about a year ago, and it’s a new life. I feel like a new person, a new athlete.

Meagan Duhamel

I woke up the next morning, cleaned out my fridge, and said ‘I’m going to learn about whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.

Barny du Plessis

We now have a point to prove and a massive incentive. We are representing the vegans of the world, all the animals and the environment. My crusade is to show the world that we can live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life without exploitation of innocent creatures.